The academic year commenced on 14 TH October 2020. Regular classes started on 18 th November 2020, with an intake of 50 students in 5 optional subjects. The current academic year has been a year of blessings in academics, arts and sports.


St. Xavier’s Training College for Women is among the various institutions managed by the Congregation of Teresian Carmelite Educational Agency headed by Rev. Mother SoosammaKavumpurath, the present Mother General.The training college is managed by the Sanjuwan province with its headquarters at Angamaly.Rev.Mother Sr. Rosemitty CTC adorns the province as the mother superior.Rev. Sr.MichaelinaCTC is the present Local Manager of the college. Our highly systematic and unique administration is managed by the dynamic members of our managing committee.


Here we have five optional subjects. English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Natural Science and Social science. Now the maximum intake of the students for the two year B.Ed. course in each year is fixed to be fifty. Admissions are taken on Management and merit bases at the ratio of 1:1.


The college is adequately staffed with qualified teachers in all areas of the curriculum. All staff members contributed significantly for the realization of mission, vision, values and goals of the college.


The 2020-21 academic year will forever be remembered for the institutes shift to remote learning in mid-march due to the emergency planning caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The 2020- 22 batch started their classes on 14 th December 2020. In late February as concerns about the spread of the novel corona virus was declared as pandemic by WHO. The university made a decision to pause all courses and the transition of all courses at all campuses to online till the government permits to open the colleges. Then after few months, we partially shifted to offline classes.
The college union election was held on 18 th February 2021. Ms. Suhailath was elected as the chairperson.
To enrich the experience and knowledge of students, organized a variety of activities that underscore the value of diversity, inclusion and equity in teaching across all content areas. The college provides enough opportunities for the students to identify their talents, aptitudes and to nourish them. The functioning of a professional institution comprises of a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year. To the development of social sensitivity, open mindedness, obligation to environment, artistic qualities, talents and proper channelization of student’s energies, various clubs such as nature club, social service club, literary club, women cell etc were there. These clubs organized various programs likes’ seminars, workshops, awareness classes etc. A two day workshop was conducted as part of the SUPW program, for providing the trainees to know and nourish their inherent talents in painting, making decorative items and stitching. To foster the creative talents and leadership skills, organized various programs on Independence Day, Republic day, Teachers day and other days of national and regional importance.
Festivals like Christmas, Onam, St.Xavier’sDay etc were celebrated in its true spirit. The sports fest of the year 2020-21 was held on 19 th march 2021, Ms.Shahanaz secured the individual championship. The arts fest was organized on 16 th March, Ms.Navya emerged as the kalathilakam of the year 2020-21.


School internship is the most important part of the B.Ed. curriculum. Phase 1 of internship was in second semester and phase 2 was in the third semester. The 2020- 22 batch students completed their practical examinations by 13 th July 2022. A team of examiners visited the college and evaluated the program of our students and commented positively. The final commission and theory examinations will be at the end of august 2022.
The 2021-23 Batch completed their first phase of school internship from July 4 th to 29 th and now they are continuing with second semester. A five day community living camp was arranged in the college from April 4– 9 2022. Series of seminars and workshops were arranged during the camp. Many eminent personalities interacted with students and shared their experiences. The camp was an awesome experience for the students.
As a part of curriculum, a three day study tour was arranged to Mysore.

The curriculum put forward a variety of activities and programs like Yoga, SUPW, Script writing, Film making etc. The students practiced all these under the guidance of professional experts.


Every year, the college gives cash awards to the top scorers. The winners of the academic Year 2019-21 are:
AthiraC.S. – The top scorer from Mathematics Optional.
Sr. Ancy Francis -English
AnjuSudhakar – Physical Science
SreepriyaShenoy- Social Science
FathimaKunjumon – Natural Science


I remember with gratitude all those who have contributed to the growth and progress of the institution. The contributions of the management, teachers and non-teaching staff are rewarding enough and beyond the limits of the words.
We extend our sincere thanks to all members of the management especially mother superior Rev Sr.Rosemitty CTC, Rev Sr. Stein CTC counselor and Rev Sr. Michaelina CTC Manager St. Xavier’s training college fortheir continuous encouragement and care in the development of the college. Let me take this occasion to express our profound gratitude to the superiors, principals, headmistress and teachers of all sister institutions for all their help.
I take this occasion to express our profound gratitude to Sr. Helen headmistress Holy Ghost GHSS for her whole hearted cooperation support and timely help.

I also acknowledge the services of the college union, club leaders and house leaders for their dynamic leadership and mutual support. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members staffs, sisters well-wishers and all those who have cooperated and supported us.
Let me conclude by thanking God Almighty for all the abundant blessing showered upon us and plentiful graces in the years to come.

Thanking you

Sali Joseph